About Us

This family run business first opened in 2006 and has been growing ever since!

The area occupied by the polytunnels is part of a croft on the west side of the River Shiel, in the short stretch of valley between Loch Shiel and the sea. The soil is very sandy and silty and can easily become impoverished when growing vegetables fairly intensively, so we take great care in adding plenty of organic matter. This includes gathering seaweed regularly from the local shores, obtaining local horse manure and collecting goat manure from a friendly goat owner in Acharacle!

Last summer was a much better growing season than the previous year, so most crops did well apart from the carrots, which I find are always tricky! After a very wet and stormy winter, we're starting to trade again. We lost one of the tunnels in storm Ciara, so things will be a bit slow to start until I can get it re-covered. All the woodwork, side netting and polythene base curtain need replacing, so I'm busy!

I've just collected my tenth load of seaweed this winter and still need more, but there was masses on the beach today after all the recent storms. It is spread on the veg plots and in the tunnels along with home produced compost, to help the crops flourish.

We're already getting very excited about this coming season and do hope you are looking forward to some delicious veg too!

Becky D,
10 Mar 2020, 01:37